BREAKING: LAUTECH 100L Students to commence online Mock Exams


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Success is ours indeed!

The 100 level Online Tutorial started in June 2020 due to our present acute distress.

The pandemic which has been the major reason why schools nationwide hasn’t been in session, has created something positive out of the many negativities surrounding us. To keep safe, we have all been asked to go to our respective abodes to seek shelter, and to stay safe but this affected the 100 level exams which was supposed to begin the week of the outbreak.

One of the positive things that this pandemic has yielded despite the chaos worldwide, is the 100Level online tutorial (1OT) for LAUTECH freshman students, organized by the LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION EXECUTIVE CARETAKER COMMITTEE, thereby helping them prepare for their coming exams once the school resumes.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonades

1OT covered various 100 level subjects being taught through several online platforms such as Zoom, Moodle, Google classrooms, and information are passed accordingly using telegram and WhatsApp.

There were some technical difficulties encountered during the onset, but due to the teeming effort of the IT team and other members of the committee, the problems were solved, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

To celebrate a successful month, the LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION EXECUTIVE CARETAKER COMMITTEE hosted an online zoom party where all the committee members introduced themselves to the 100level students, and an interactive session took place to serve as an online edutainment.

The most dedicated students for the month were awarded, giving room for other students to buckle up.

After a little over a month since the commencement of the online tutorial, the VC was hosted briefly in one of the online classes. He spoke about how proud he was of the committee and urged every student to make sure they learn something during this break, so as to be useful to themselves and their parents.

After two months of tutorials, August will be used to prepare a mock examination and test the students on what has been taught so far.

Success is ours indeed, and with that being said, the LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION EXECUTIVE CARETAKER COMMITTEE is saying a big congratulations to us all for coming this far.

The mock-exam will commence on 17th Of August 2020.




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