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Before I commence my writings, it is imperative to say that this piece is premised on basic and available facts and figures on the issues going on in the union. It is on the available facts that I want to base the piece with all sense of objectivity and open to constructive criticism.

Shortly after the “selection” of FOGSU national council leaders in the early 2019, the executive body led by Hon. Oguntoye (Harvine) and legislative arm led by Sen. Okediji Adedayo got swift into action and the union seem to be progressing.

As always said that FOGSU has always been peaceful in the course of the year till election period, same thing happened in the dieing moment of 2019.

While the election of Federation of Oyo State Students Union (FOSSU), the umbrella body of all indigenous association in Oyo State, the legislative arm got into action to constitute members that would represent the union at the election. The politics that went to play was all over the media then; not just that, the event that led to the suspension of the then CEC President (Hon. Oguntoye) on 8th Sept., 2019 is there on record.

Same politics at work, president reinstated on 5th Oct., 2019 without remorse. The union activities continued until late November leading to the dissolution of the executives and senate arm.

Earlier before this time, the Senate President; Sen. Okediji Adedayo had published on the media the date and fee for chapter registration (30th November, 2019) and penalties for defaulters. I vividly followed comments on that post where past and present fogsuites commend the efforts of the Senate arm. They also advised that the names and list of chapters that registers should be published at the end of the registration to avoid a repeat of every December drama.

The deadline date reach but to the disappointment of all, the list was not published online.

A credible source revealed what transpired between the Clerk of the house (Sen. Basit) and the Senate President (Sen. Dayo); both of whom are from the same school. The senate clerk insistence on extension of registration date and the senate President’s insistence on non extension of date.

FOGSU National Dissolution day has always been one of the interesting day in the union. It is a day where hopes and tensions are always high in the union. The real valiant and political display of all is at play. The Senate president had ordered the clerk to summon the sitting on 13th December, 2019 but he refused. The senate president went ahead to summon the meeting with the notification to the security agencies and outfit in Ogbomoso. It was even gathered that the Area Commander sent a DPO to be at the sitting from the beginning to the end. At the sitting, where the clerk of the house and DOP was absent, the Senate President appointed members on the floor to act in their capacity. Two questions comes to mind here:
1. Why were other two aforementioned principal officers absent at the sitting?
2. Is the Senate president right to continue the sitting without these two principal officers?

The Senate clerk and his cohorts upon hearing that the sitting was ongoing at Ahoyaya Grammar School went there with his like mind but to their surprise; were met with shame and reproach. It was gathered that just one uniform man dealt with them. I felt sad on hearing such treatment melt to people in category of which I’ve once been…

After the sitting, the clerk, DOP and his cohorts held their own sitting without the elected senate president. The “former” FOGSU National deputy senate president (now FOSSU National Senate President- Sen. Ajadi) presided over the parallel sitting where another electoral committee was constituted.

One would tend to ask some pertinent questions at this point such as:

– Out of the two sittings, which of it is the authentic? The senate president sitting or the parallel senate sitting?

– What is the forum of the senate principal officers to conduct a parliamentary sitting?

– Where did the Senate President get the mace that was used for the sitting?

– Where did Sen. Ajadi got the mace that was used in conducting their sitting?

– Did the Senate president’18 handover to the Senate President’19?

After my findings, i got to know that the first senate sitting held on 15th July, 2019. The Senate President’18 relinquished the union property except the former mace. “I think the question of where the duo got their mace has been answered”.

Without mincing word, you’ll agree that the beginning of two parallel electoral constitution is the beginning of FOGSU NATIONAL WAR II🤣🤣🤣…

Well, the two electoral body carried out their assignments. The assignment of the Senate President constituted electoral member brought the executives led by Comr. Ayomide Gbadegesin (Ashiwaju) and Comr. (O’shege). 2 CEC executives backed by different set of people and cabals. Another question comes to mind: Which among the two sets of executives is the legitimate leader of the union?


I tried all my possible best to look for the meaning of stakeholder but out of all definitions, I’m able to come up with these two.

1. A stakeholder is a person or organisation with a legitimate interest in a given situation, action or enterprise.

2. Stakeholders are persons with an interest or concern in something.

From the definitions above, it would not be a wrong position to say that stakeholders are people of likemind committed to the betterment of the organization’s aim and objectives. They are people whose responsibilities are to put things right whenever things seems to be wrong.


Arising from the above definition of stakeholder, it’ll interest fogsuites that there is a body called FOGSU STAKEHOLDER. In another way, the body is called FOGSU NATIONAL ALUMNI.

You’ll want to ask me:
– Who are this body?

– Is this body duly recognised by the constitution of FOGSU National?

– What are the criteria of becoming a member of this group?

– Is the group open or close ended?

– Who is the leader of these group of people?

– Of whose interest does these people represent? The union or their paymasters?

– When was this body formed?

– What is the main responsibilities of this group?

– Are the stakeholders according to the definition given of likeminds committed to betterment of the organization called FOGSU?

Due to the fact that i have to make this article unambiguous has made it extendable, Await the NEXT episode.



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