LAUTECH student elected as Chairman, NANS JCC OYO AXIS after 12 years of waiting.


Until yesterday, 11th of July, 2020, the post of the Chairman of the prestigious student body in Oyo Axis has always been rotated amongst several other universities and polytechnics in the axis since 2008 when the first and last Ladokite; *Elodyper* was elected as the Chairman.

It has always been a puzzle as to why one of the schools with the most active Student Union Government always fail to deliver at this level; it was almost or even already becoming the tales of a local champion.

Yesterday he rewrote history as the person of Opakunle Oluwafunmibi Mayowa(OPAKAN) did not only win, but with a landslide victory of 12 votes out of a total of 17 emerged as the number one student of Oyo State.

The LAUTECH Student Union Government has been known not only in the axis, but beyond and even in the entire nation as a very active Union, being decisive in many political activities, rallies, protests and intellectual capacities; with good and vibrant representatives all over but has always failed in this particular area where the most expectation has been on them.

We hope and trust that this long delayed victory will effect great changes in LAUTECH environment and Students unionism in paving way to several other achievements and glory to the students and the entire institution at large.



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