Public Notice To The Student Populace In Oyo State By Com. OPAKAN

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The global pandemic of the COVID-19 has gone beyond mere heresay as record cans upon records of positively tested carrier of the virus are being confirmed even in our immediate localities. The reason why all gatherings and our institutions of learning have been temporarily shutdown to avoid the increase in widespread, as it is known that contact with carriers of the virus is the major form of the spread.

Safety and health is paramount to living, only the healthy can carry out other productive activities. And for this reason, I urge all students to give proper and attentive heed to all health precautions as regards the outbreak pending the time we fight this pandemic virus together.

Nothing is costlier than life, hence we are to prioritise our health over any form of gatherings, visits, functions, programs, et al.

Avoid panic and the spread of fake news, rumors or costly jokes about the outbreak of the virus. As students, help to enlighten our immediate environment on preventive measures; let us also serve as examples of a cultured and health conscious people.

Endeavor to report any symptoms of the virus around you for the safety of us all.

Note that the use of any proposed or acclaimed drug as cure before hand(when you are not tested positive) is an abuse, and it is dangerous to be body system. Don’t in a bid to prevent the virus, cause more damage to your body system; avoid self medication; every drug is a poison if it is not taken in its right dosage, and for its rightful purpose.

As much as some preventive measures like the use of hand sanitizers are good, they also have their adverse effects on our environment i.e the alcoholic content of such might be inflammable and as such could lead to explosion if exposed to fire; so we should ensure to avoid flames or vis a vis when we possess such.

Don’t assume that your environment is immune from the virus and act nonchalant towards the pandemic virus; the virus is no respecter of any environment, either hot or cold regions; it only thrive less in hot regions, but as it is, there had been records of positive test from it in hot regions too.

Prevention is always better than cure; may we not lose any of us to the virus.

We sincerely express our gratitudes to all cadres, Leaders, the medical practitioners and to our wing the S.A to the Governor on STUDENTs Matters Hon. VICTOR OLOJEDE, the commissioner for education BARR. OLASUNKANMI AREMU OLALEYE and to our proactive and amiable GOVERNOR H.E ENGR. SEYI MAKINDE for their Swift involvement in finding a lasting cure to this pestilence period.

In conclusion, I will urge us all to use this period judiciously and wisely. Let’s engage ourselves in ways that are edifying i.e attempting online courses, competition and the likes. Less of violence engagement…

We shall Overcome.

Amangla Awetu.


Contestant for the position of CHAIRMAN at JCC NANs Oyo State AXIS.



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