Story Time

Sena’s looks couldn’t be resisted, not even by a sworn celibate; you can’t help but to admire and appreciate her beauty. Like a golden fish in the waters, her elegance and glamour is one that has got no hiding place, even though she was always shy at the reactions and stares they bring to her on a daily basis. She was indeed dazzling.

As if that wasn’t enough, it were like Sena was a mistake of the gods to be sent to live among mortals; she only needed to be complemented by some wings or sort of before she would in no time start receiving obeisance and rituals; for she was simultaneously intelligent and sensational with her voice.

Sena started out very well as a very brilliant student; one of the few girls who take the academic lead, represents the school in competitions, the pride of most teachers, except those who would rather want to get down with her. Sena was very promising.

Sena was the muse of the neighborhood; the center of remarks, rebukes and example by other parents to their children. But all these weren’t going down well with our little damsel as she was always pissed off being revered above others.

Sena wasn’t conscious of her unusual and unparalleled qualities; she saw herself no different from other peers, hence saw no reason why she should always be the center of attraction; she always tried as much as possible not to pose any how more different from others; she wouldn’t want to get anyone offended.

Sena always tried to abandon whatever palace other people’s opinions have built around her, to mingle with anyone and everyone in any nook and cranny just to be validated by the love of those she had thought her beauty had scorned.

Mary Jane was one of the new friends Sena met on the street. Mary Jane was as well a natural beauty, the Queen of her own coast too as she was also the center of attraction on the street. She was as well the muse of most youths and everyone who has chosen to live for the frivolities of life. Mary Jane was the numero uno entertainer of her time; the inspiration of so many, as she was always available for pleasure.

Mary Jane soothes the heart of all her companions; her presence and fantasies eases everyone around her of their worries and pains for that moments that she spends with them but unfortunately as well distorts their visions and aspirations for a better life when carried away. Mary Jane was a whole meal, lots of fun to be with; and with this, she had a very great influence on anyone that falls for aura.

Sena’s relationship with Mary Jane was very blissful as these two had several things in common. Sena got so used to Mary, that Sena wouldn’t be herself no more without a Mary Jane with her. Soon, Sena like every other person who gets attached to Mary, begin to neglect her own aspirations and dreams. Sena begin to lose herself to Mary Jane.

Sena began to live by her perceived tenets of Mary; she soon began to perceive life as just a stage for pleasure and ecstasy. She soon began to meddle with her academics and all the songs and admonitions her parents had sung into her head; she soon began to create her own perception of life to suit her notion; she begin being carefree about anything and everything.

Soon, Sena lost all her charming appearance and everything that had distinguished her among peers. Well, isn’t that what she wanted? Of course, it was. Alas! Not really, she soon began to realise it was all she got and needed as Sena. It was her own uniqueness and point of standing out. They were all why she was Sena and no one else could exactly be her. Oh! She didn’t know this. Sena just couldn’t handle her uniqueness. She felt it was a crime to be different. She had thought being like everyone else is humility. She had thought being friends to everyone was the peace of life. She had thought being revered above others in her peer is pride.

To be continued…

P.S: Mary Jane is a street name for Marijuana…now you get, you can read the simple story again.

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